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Brand Strategy



Who? What? Where? How?
Approach To Brand Strategy


Creating a brand strategy is the first step in building a brand. Targeting the right consumer is a basic marketing function. Knowing where to aim your creativity and money is the essential first step in any productive initiative to grow the value of your brand. A brand is one of the most valuable corporate assets. We build and strengthen brands that deliver on the organization’s business strategies and long-term goals. We work with you to understand how to best leverage your brand, beginning with an analysis of the competition and the equities upon which the brand will be built.


Improve your strategy by answering these questions:


  • Who is our target market?

  • Who is our competition?

  • Who is our perfect customer?

  • Who will share our story?



  • Where is our target market?

  • Where will customers find us?

  • Where are there existing markets we can tap into?


  • What is our growth strategy?

  • What are our key advantages?

  • What are our business objectives, goals, values, ethics & visions?

  • What is our commitment and promise to our customers?

  • What emotions or feelings does
    our brand provoke?



  • How is our brand different?

  • How will we position our brand?

  • How will we market our brand?

  • How is our brand perceived

  • How many customer touch points does our brand have?

  • How will we create awareness among our target customers?














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